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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01-26Characterization of epoxidized natural rubber by 2D NMR spectroscopySaito, Takayuki; Klinklai, Warunee; Kawahara, Seiichi
2013Characterization of Flower-like Titanate and Titania Nanowires on Titanium Plate SubstrateKinji Onoda; Susumu Yoshikawa; Athapon Simpraditpan; Wisanu Pecharapa
2011-04Characterization of mosquito CYP6P7 and CYP6AA3: differences in substrate preference and kinetic propertiesDuangkaew, Panida; Pethuan, Sirikun; Kaewpa, Dolnapa; Boonsuepsakul, Soamrutai; Sarapusit, Songklod; Rongnoparut, Pornpimol
2013Chemical, physical and physicochemical properties of modified banana starchAungkana OR.Suwan; Rungsinee Sothornvit
2013Chito-chito: chitosan as turbid-color adsorbent on “TEMPE” industrial wastewaterMuhamad Alfiyan Zubaidi, Hamasyah Hamzah Mumtaza, Rimo Hasnan
2005Chromatography on self-assembled carbon nanotubesSaridara, C; Mitra, S
2013Classification of drinking water in thailand by near infrared spectroscopyBandit Thongsroy; Phalanon Onsawai; Panmanas Sirisomboon
2011-05-25-28Classification using wireless multi devices in difference rangeNongluk Promthong; Metha Sirigol
2013Clustering soil properties for appropriate soil improvement in Huay Sai royal development study center, thailandSaowanee Wijitkosum; Kanoktat Yolpramote
2013Color and luminance affect perceptual transparency of human skinDai Nishimuta, Katsunori Okajima and Takanori Igarashi
2013Color Conspicuity For Single Color Affected By Color AttributesDaoruang Wongtub and Uravis Tangkijivwat
2013The color design of the book sleeve and the consumer's purchasing behaviorsYan Li
2013Color difference evaluation for digital imagesHaisong XU, Qingfen TONG, and Rui GONG
2013The color identity in traditional thai buddhist templesVorapoj Songcharoen
2013Color semiotics in short film eclipseNatthaphon Amorntut and Jatechan Kirdsuk
2013The color we use in our daily life - communicating with color -Tien-Rein Lee
2013Color: Constancy And InconstancyVien Cheung
2013Colorcorrection for led panel under different illuminant environment based on ciecam02Wu, Ray-chin and Jia-Wei Liang
2002A Comparative Study of Solar Street Lighting System in Different LampsSomchai Hiranvarodom
2009Comparison of granular activated carbon bio-sorption and advanced oxidation processes in the treatment of leachate effluentAbdul, Javeed Mohammed; Vigneswaran, Saravanamuthu; Shon, Ho Kyong; Nathaporn, Areerachakul; Kandasamy, Jaya