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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A Comparative Study of Solar Street Lighting System in Different LampsSomchai Hiranvarodom
2009Comparison of granular activated carbon bio-sorption and advanced oxidation processes in the treatment of leachate effluentAbdul, Javeed Mohammed; Vigneswaran, Saravanamuthu; Shon, Ho Kyong; Nathaporn, Areerachakul; Kandasamy, Jaya
2013Comparison of perceived saturation difference between color anomalous and normal observersChisato Orihara, Yi-Chum Chen, Yuki Kuhara, Kazunori Asada, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Miyoshi Ayama
2014Comparison of Photofraction for LuYAP:Ce, LYSO:Ce and BGO Crystals in Gamma Ray DetectionC. Akapong Phunpueok, Weerapong Chewpraditkul, Voranuch Thongpool, and Deaw Aphairaj
2006A comparison of selected training algorithms for recurrent neural networkPattamavorakun, Suwat; Pattamavorakun, Suwarin; Yang, Q; Webb, G
2013Comparisons of color preference between mother and child ― is color preference inheritable from mother and child?Shinji Nakamura
2011Compatibilization of Recycled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) and Polypropylene Blends: Effect of Compatibilization on Blend Toughness, Dispersion of Minor Phase, and Thermal StabilityHiroyuki Inoya; Yew Wei Leong; Warunee Klinklai; Yoshihiro Takai; Hiroyuki Hamada
2011Compatibilization of Recycled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) and Polypropylene Blends: Effect of Polypropylene Molecular Weight on Homogeneity and CompatibilityBy Hiroyuki Inoya; Yew Wei Leong; Warunee Klinklai; Supaporn Thumsorn; Yuki Makata; Hiroyuki Hamada
2013Consumer Colour Preferences For Home Textile Products Made From Silk FabricsPiyanut Jingjit and Sriprapai Juynoy
2011-05-25-28Control and Monitoring System for Intelligent Network DevicesMetha Sirigol; Nongluk Promthong
2009Control Performance of Dynamic Voltage Restorer by V-controlPaisan Boonchiam
2013Corporate governance and prediction of financial failure of companies listed on the stock exchange of ThailandSirirat Poungsangsuk
2013Correlation between moisture content of milled rice and Texture of cooked rice as evaluated by sensory testRavipat Lapcharoensuk; Panmanas Sirisomboon
2013The correspondence between macroscopic appearance and microscopic colors investigated by light and electron microscopyM. Rösler, N. Mezger, S. Goetze, L. Berthold, J. Schischka
2006Corrosion of Mortar Mixed With Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregate Due to Sulfuric AcidPrachoom Khamput
2013Corrosion of printing cylinder on intaglio pressNutchaya Nilrat and Purida Pimanmas
2013Cross preference for color combination and shapeNa Chen, Kanji Tanaka, Daisuke Matsuyoshi, Katsumi Watanabe
2005Custom power technology: concept and definitionPaisan Boonchiam; Nadarajah Mithulananthan; Arthit Sode-Yome
2009-07Cytotoxic activity of mammea type coumarins from Mammea siamensis flowersNoysang, C.; Kretschmer, N.; Kunert, O.; Efferth, T.; Luanratana, O.; Bauer, R.