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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009National PV Centre for Sustainable Development of PV Technology in Developing CountriesSomchai Hiranvarodom
2011Navel Recovery of Nano-Structured Ceria (CeO[subscript2] from Ce(III)-benzoxazine Dimer complexes via Thermal DecompossitionChatchai Veranitisagul; Attaphon Kaewvilai; Sarawut Sangngern; Woawat Wattanathana; Songwut Suramitr; Nattamon Koonsaeng; Apirat Laobuthee
2021The Needs Assessment of Electronic Media for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Colleges of Education in GhanaFrank Ofori
2003Neural Network Handoff Decision in Mobile Cellular using Received Signal Strength and Traffic IntensityPramote Anunvrapong; Phichet Moungnoul
2014New circuit model of small-signal amplifier developed by using MOSFETS in triple darlington configurationSachchidaNand Shukla and Susmrita Srivastava
2010A new concept of white light generation using a nano-waveguide for the solar radiation collection useYupapin, P. P.; Pornsuwancharoen, N.; Sakulpong, R.; Plangklang, B.
2553A new hybrid projection method for variational inclusion problems and generalized mixed equilibrium problemsW. Kumam; C. Jaiboon; P. Kumam; A. Singta
2014A novel method for measurement of equivalent circuit components of piezoelectric materials by using impedance spectroscopyPramod Chaitanya, Alok Shukla and Lakshman Pandey
2012Novel Method to Control Temperature on Aluminum Side Using Customized Proportional Controller Based on Disturbance ObserverSarayut Yaemprayoon; Chowaril Milsuntisuk; Kiyoshi Ohishi; Jakkree Srinoncha
2011-07Novel Recovery of Nano-Structured Ceria (CeO(2)) from Ce(III)-Benzoxazine Dimer Complexes via Thermal DecompositionVeranitisagul, Chatchai; Kaewvilai, Attaphon; Sangngern, Sarawut; Wattanathana, Worawat; Suramitr, Songwut; Koonsaeng, Nattamon; Laobuthee, Apirat
2011A Numerical Computation of Water Quality Measurement in a Uniform Channel Using a Finite Difference MethodDeepana, Rujira
2009Numerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of the Failure Modes of the Cellular Foam Sandwich StructuresJorg Feldhusen, Sirichai Torsakul, Alexander Brezing and Sivakumara Krishnamoorth
2014On Generalised B- ManifoldsS.K. Srivastava, Virendra Nath Pathak
2013On small principally injective ringsKittisak Amnuaykarn
2014On the Diophantine Equation px + py = z2Mongkol Tatong and Alongkot Suvarnamani
2011-03Optical vortices generated by light pulses within a panda ring resonatorMitatha, Somsak; Piyatamrong, Bunjong; Yupapin, Preecha P.; Knobnob, Boonying; Chaiyasoonthorn, Sawatsakorn
2009Optimal Placement of PMU and RTU by Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing for Multiarea Power System State EstimationThawatch Kerdchuen and Wecrakorn Ongsakul
2002Optimal Stopping Problem In Machine Maintenance Decision Making TimeAioporn Sophonsridsuk
2013Option pricing for jump-diffusion with stochastic volatility and intensityMontakan Thongpan
2002Packet Throughput In Hybrid Ds/Sfh Cdma Slotted Aloha Systems For Wireless CommunicationsPrach Dabbang; Ruttikorn Varakusiripunth