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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014On Generalised B- ManifoldsS.K. Srivastava, Virendra Nath Pathak
2013On small principally injective ringsKittisak Amnuaykarn
2014On the Diophantine Equation px + py = z2Mongkol Tatong and Alongkot Suvarnamani
2011-03Optical vortices generated by light pulses within a panda ring resonatorMitatha, Somsak; Piyatamrong, Bunjong; Yupapin, Preecha P.; Knobnob, Boonying; Chaiyasoonthorn, Sawatsakorn
2009Optimal Placement of PMU and RTU by Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing for Multiarea Power System State EstimationThawatch Kerdchuen and Wecrakorn Ongsakul
2002Optimal Stopping Problem In Machine Maintenance Decision Making TimeAioporn Sophonsridsuk
2013Option pricing for jump-diffusion with stochastic volatility and intensityMontakan Thongpan
2002Packet Throughput In Hybrid Ds/Sfh Cdma Slotted Aloha Systems For Wireless CommunicationsPrach Dabbang; Ruttikorn Varakusiripunth
2013Perceived quality of wood images influenced by the ratio of skewness to kurtosis of image histogramShigehito Katsura, Yoko Mizokami, and Hirohisa Yaguchi
2010Perceived Value toward the World Heritage and the Moderating Effect of Destination FamiliarityJirawat Anuwichanont; Panisa Mechinda
2011Performance Enhancement of DVR for Mitigating Voltage Sag/Swell using Vector Control StrategyKrischonme Bhumkittipich; Nadarajah Mithulananthan
2011-05-25-28Performance Enhancement of DVR for mitigating voltage sag/swell using Vector Control StrategyK. Bhumkittipich; N. Mithulananthan
2012The performance of PV-t systems for residential application in BangkokThipjak Nualboonrueng; Pongpith Tuenpusa; Yuki Ueda; Atsushi Akisawa
2004-04-01Phase transformation behavior of nanocrystalline chi-alumina powder obtained by thermal decomposition of AIP in inert organic solventMekasuwandumrong, O; Praserthdam, P; Inoue, M; Pavarajarn, V; Tanakulrungsank, W
2005Phenomena study of polymer blend between polycarbonate and polycarbonate oligomersSommai Pivsa-Art...[et al.]
2006Photovoltaic Bus ShelterSomchai Hiranvarodom
2011-05-25-28Photovoltaic Grid Connected System for Small Food KioskO. Sadmai; S. Hiranvarodom
2005Photovoltaic System for a Board of The Faculty Map in a Thai UniversitySomchai Hiranvarodom
2002Phytochemical Toxicity of Formulated Neem Oil-based Pellets as Biofumigant for Controlling Sitophilus oryzae (L.) in Organic RiceU. Sanguanpong; N. Kongkathip; K. Sombatsiri
2013Pictorial expression techniques used in the wall painting of each thai dynasty periodKanakarn Ruxpaitoon, Naokazu Aoki and Hiroyuki Kobayashi