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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for the Papers Submitted to Journal of Engineering, RMUTTC.Sangswasd, S.Hiranvarodomo, and A.Sonthisombat
2013Effect of calcination temperature on structural and photocatalyst properties of nanofibers prepared from low-cost natural ilmenite mineral by simple hydrothermal methodAthapon Simpraditpan; Thanakorn Wirunmongkol; Wisanu Pecharapa
20122-{[(2-hydroxy-3,5-dimethylbenzyl)-(methyl)amino]methyl}-4,6-dimethyl-phenolChatchai Veranitisagul; Woawat Wattanathana; Attaphon Kaewvilai; Tanwawan Duangthongyou; Nattamon Koonsaeng; Apirat LaoButhee
2013Mathematical Model and Experiment of Temperature Effect on Discharge of Lead-Acid Battery for PV Systems in Tropical AreaBy Boonyang Plangklang; Pnrncfiai Pornharuthai
2013Using GFRP to develop the mechanical performance of structural insulated panelsMeng Jing; Werasak Raongjant
2013Back-analysis for design parameters of large diameter bored pliesWerasak Raongjant; Meng Jing
2011Fabrication and Utilization of Titania Nanofibers from Natural Leucoxene Mineral in Photovoltaic ApplicationsSorapong Pavasupree; Navadol Laosiripojana; Surawut Chuangchote; Takashi Sagawa
2013Simple hydrothermal preparation of nanofibers from a natural ilmenite mineralAthapon Simpraditpana; Thanakorn Wirunmongkol; Wisanu Pecharapa
2011Energy Management and Control System for Smart Renewable Energy Remote Power GenerationSompol Kohsri; Boonyang Plangkiang
2011Compatibilization of Recycled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) and Polypropylene Blends: Effect of Polypropylene Molecular Weight on Homogeneity and CompatibilityBy Hiroyuki Inoya; Yew Wei Leong; Warunee Klinklai; Supaporn Thumsorn; Yuki Makata; Hiroyuki Hamada