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Title: Preparation of gadolinia doped ceria via metal complex decomposition method: Its application as catalyst for the steam reforming of ethane
Authors: Chatchai Veranitisagul
Nattamon Koonsaeng
Nevadol Laosiripojana
Apirat Laobuthee
Keywords: Gadolinia doped ceria
Metal complex decomposition
Reforming, Ethane
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Faculty of engineering
Abstract: Theceria (Ceo[subscript2]) and gadolinia doped ceria (GDC; Ce[subscript1-x]Gd[subscriptx]O[subscrip2-(delta)]with x = 0.10,0.15, and 0.20) catalysts were successfully prepared via metal complex decomposition method at 900 degree Celsius for 2 h. The synthesized CeO[subscript2] and GDC were found to have useful activity to convert ethane to syngas via the steam reforming reaction at the temperature range of 800-900 agree Celsius. The catalytic activity was improved with increasing Gd doping amount from 0 to 0.1 and 0.15; nevertheless, at higher Gd doping content (0.2), the improvement becomes less pronounced. Among all caltalysts, Ce[subscript0.85] Gd[subscript0.15]O[subscript2-(delta)] showed the best steam reforming activity; furthermore, the amount of carbon formation over this catalyst was relatively low. These enhancements are mainly due to the high specific surface area and the good oxygen storage capacity (OSC) of the material…
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