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dc.contributor.authorJirawat Anuwichanont
dc.contributor.authorPanisa Mechinda
dc.identifier.citation39th EMAC Conference in Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 1st – 4th June, 2010.en_US
dc.description.abstractDespite the widespread recognition that perceived value is a major precursor of tourists’ satisfaction, few researchers have addressed it in terms of the multidimensional measure. Thus, this study was aimed to explore the relative effects of multidimensional value on tourists’ satisfaction towards Ayutthaya world heritage. The results of structural equation modeling (SEM) substantiate the importance of value dimensions, including quality, emotional response, monetary price and reputation, as the determinants of tourists’ satisfaction, except behavioral price. Moreover, the link between tourists’ satisfaction and destination loyalty was significantly supported while the moderating effect of destination familiarity on this relationship was not apparent.en_US
dc.subjectPerceived Value toward the World Heritage, tourists, World Heritageen_US
dc.titlePerceived Value toward the World Heritage and the Moderating Effect of Destination Familiarityen_US
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