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Title: Designing color scheme for contemporary mudmee silk products
Authors: Sombat Prajonsant
Keywords: color
color scheme
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Faculty of Mass Communication Technology
Abstract: The Mudmee silk is local textile with the Thai cultural values. From the study, it was found that Mudmee silk originally belonged to Thai-Lao ethnic groups in Buriram Province. One piece of silk was commonly made with at least 3 colors. The very popular colors for making patterns on the plain color silk were red, yellow, white, and green which are bright colors which resulted in the color scheme design. The color scheme design was made by using complementary colors such as polychromatic colors or tonality. Using monochrome colors or neutral colors in color scheme design was not popular. From above reasons, the researcher has designed the new color scheme patterns for Mudmee silk on 17 pieces of silk by using monochrome colors, polychromatic colors, complementary colors, and neutral colors. The Mudmee silk products made from the new color scheme patterns will have a contemporary look that meets with the needs of consumers. This will add value to the cultural based products which is in accordance with the creative economy.
Description: ACA2013Thanyaburi: Blooming Color for Life December 11-14, 2013
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