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Title: Evaluation of the efficiency of flat pattern making and draping techniques
Authors: Sakorn Dumridhammaporn
Srikanjana Jatuphatwarodom
Suthusanee Punyopat
Sakorn Chonsakorn
Keywords: Patterner Garment
Pattern making
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The objective of this research was to compare between two patternmaking techniques- The flat pattern making and the draping techniques. The sampling was the fashion model code no. J:C-W 0181 of Jaspal Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, the standard time for pattern making was also checked while making the patterns and sampling by the three patternmakers. The products were worn by the six models in order to tell the satisfactions. The statistical analysis was used to calculate was percentage and means. The results of the research were discovered that the draping techniques were used for 3.15 hr. for the first session and 1.35 hr. for the second, and the flat pattern making technique was 7.08 hr. for the first session and 4.53 hr. for the second. Additionally, the research was found that the models satisfied 90 percents with wearing the samplings using the draping techniques but 46.67 percents of satisfaction for wearing the sampling using the flat pattern making. In conclusion, draping techniques used time less than the flat pattern making techniques and the models preferred the dresses made from the draping pattern making much more.
Description: RMUTP International Conference: Textiles & Fashion 2012, July 3-4
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