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Title: Utilization of Elderly Workers in Manufacturing
Authors: Khuntarose Sanwong
Sageemas Na Wichian
Salinee Acharry
Youdhagarn Acharry
Keywords: elderly workers
Issue Date: 2557
Publisher: College of Industrial Technology King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok
Abstract: This study aims to: 1) study employment data, capacity, problems and obstacles to work of elderly workers; and 2) analyze roles of elderly workers when they were out of the employment system. This qualitative research studied employees working in furniture manufacturing in the following groups : 1) wood manufacturing; 2) plywood manufacturing; 3) plywood and veneer board manufacturing; 4) plywood piece manufacturing; 5) wood base fiber; and 6) furniture and household furnishings. The research was divided into four steps: 1) primary data survey; 2) study on employment from executives; 3) study on employment status from elderly workers; and 4) analysis to provide recommendations. Interview sessions were conducted with 29 people (23 workers and six executives). It was found that employment status was in accordance with agreements between employees and companies that did not have retirement policies. Work skills and physical fitness of employees were emphasized. Most executives stated that elderly workers were patient, determined and highly engaged in their work. Problems found were their incompliance with rules and that they were slow in learning new technologies or were not willing to learn at all. Capacity of elderly workers who were no longer hired was at the point where they assisted with work or applied their experience to develop work. However, they were not able to initiate work: they had to be told what to do or follow well-instructed procedure. Findings of this study shall be primary data used to manage elderly workers who do not have a retirement plan. In addition, recommendations will be given on utilization of elderly workers who can work in furniture manufacturing until they turn 75 years old in order to increase the country’s competitiveness in the future.
ISSN: 1905-8446
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