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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of fashion items’colors in fashion image making processGyeol KO, Yumie HONG, Hyerim HONG, Hyejeong HAHM, Youngin KIM
2013An analysis of groundwater condition in a salinearea: a case study groundwater level, Nakhon Panom province, 2009-2011Waradet Sangbun; Songvut Sangchan
2016Analysis of mediating effect of intellectual capital efficiency linking board of directors' characteristics and firm performance : Empirical evidence from thai listed companiesThanapin Attarit
2014The analysis of predictive value of earnings and cash flows on future firms' performanceKusuma Dampitakse
2013Analysis on fashion designers’ color identity in collaboration - a case study of giorgio armaniYumie HONG, Youngin KIM
2013An analysis on japanese package designs from the point of a chinese designerHong Bian
2013Analysis on the red image and arrangement of colors utilized in fashion design with flower printingsSi-Eun Lim and Young-In Kim
2020Analyzing Rotor Tilt Angles on the Efficiency of Monopole Tower Floating Offshore Wind TurbinesWongsakorn Wisatesajja
2012Antibacterrial activity by kaempferia parviflora microencapsulation and applications for textile industryJiraporn Koatsahal; Supa Chulacupt; Sakorn Chonsakorn; Siriwan Teepoo; Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit
2012Application of aromatherapy on cotton fabric by microcapsulesNonglak Suthaphot; Supa chulakup; Sakorn Chonsakorn; Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit
2003Application of Neural Network for Network Rout PlanningPramote Anunvrapong; Phichet Moungnoul
2011Application of Solar Cells for Daytime Weather StudyN. Choosakul; M. Buddhakala; N. Barnthip; A. Muakngam; C. Banglieng
2013An assessment of simultaneous dynamic range for HDR renderingYusuke Izumisawa , Takahiko Horiuchi , Keita Hirai , Shoji Tominaga
2014Automatic adaptive retrieval of learning objectsBurasakorn Yoosooka
2013Back-analysis for design parameters of large diameter bored pliesWerasak Raongjant; Meng Jing
2002A basic design and operating for shrimp-settling-oyster integration system to reduce discharge problemTanyaros, Suwat; Choopunth, Pracheep; Kurokura, Hisashi
2013Best flow condition for lateral intakes of irrigation canalsShafai bejestan, M.; Karami moghaddam, M.; Seyedian, M.
2003-11-12Bioaccumulation and determination of lead using treated-Pennisetum-modified carbon paste electrodeOuangpipat, W; Lelasattarathkul, T; Dongduen, C; Liawruangrath, S
2013Blackness judgment of lacquer ware by expert and naïve groupsYuki Sakaue, Yoshitake Takahashi, Tomoharu Ishikawa, Sakurako Matsushima, Miyoshi Ayama
2009Bridging The Gap: Building Industry­ University Long-Term Cooperation Through Co-Op Program And Project CourseNatha Kuptasthien