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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Influence Of Public Facilities Color On Landscape Preference:A Case Study Of Telecommunication Boxes In Taipei CityHsuehwei Hsieh and Monica Kuo
2020The Influence of Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) Framework on Firm Performance with ERP Cycle ImplementationJanjira Deelert
2014Information system of personalization thai health food menu for elderly personsSuwarin Pattamavorakun and Jaturapith Krohkaew
2003An interactive debugging tool for C++ based on dynamic slicing and dicing part I : definition and algorithmsWinai Wichaipanitch; M. H. Samadzadeh
2003An interactive debugging tool for C++ based on dynamic slicing and dicing Part II: Implementation, testing, and evaluationWinai Wichaipanitch; M. H. Samadzadeh
2013Investigating the wrong decision of fashion designers on the creativity of color combination for apparelWen-Guey Kuo, Yuh-Chang Wei, Yu-Pin Li, Zi-Yi Yong
2020An Investigation of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and Shared Value Affecting Firm Performance of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of ThailandMonthira Kitsamphanwong
2013Investigation of memory color of facial flesh using a person’s own pictureXu Ma, Pei Deng, Naokazu Aoki and Hiroyuki Kobayashi
2003An Investigation of the Melt Flow Properties of PP/LDPE BlendsChavalit Sangswasd
2006Ionic conductivity of highly deproteinized natural rubber having various amount of epoxy group mixed with lithium saltKlinklai, Warunee; Kawahara, Seiichi; Marwanta, Edy; Mizumo, Tomonobu; Isono, Yoshinobu; Ohno, Hiroyuki
2014A job recruitment system using semantic web technologyP. Niaphruek
2014-02-11Jump-diffusion with stochastic volatility and intensityMontakan thongpan, Sarun Wongwai and Nonthiya Makate
2012Key factors influencing capital structure decision and capital structure dynamics evidence from listed companies in setSupa Tongkong
2014Large Deflections of Cantilever Beam Obeying Generalized Ludwick’s Material Model Subjected to Follower Distributed LoadSokheng Touch
2002A Low Cost Approach To Design The Tesla Transformer For Testing Of Insulating MaterialsK. Nakaviwat; S. Kumpiranont; P. Apiratikul
2011Low temperature degradation and characterization of natural rubberChaikumpollert, Oraphin; Sae-Heng, Kewwarin; Wakisaka, Osamu; Mase, Akio; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Kawahara, Seiichi
2009-01-10Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of monodispersed flower-like titanate nanosheetsJitputti, Jaturong; Rattanavoravipa, Thitima; Chuangchote, Surawut; Pavasupree, Sorapong; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2013Luminance and chromaticity measurement with 3D object mapsTakuma Nishida , Yasuhiro Seya and Hiroyuki Shinoda
2020The Machine Game Automatic for Reading Skill Using Internet of ThingsThosporn Sangsawang
2003Maintenance process for transmission towersPrachoom Khamput