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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Study on the Pyrolysis Characteristics of Landfilled Plastic WastesSommai Pivsa- rt, Dolaya Manopiniwes, Sureerat Khae-ocha and Watcharapong Worasettapong
2011-05-25-28Studying of 100 KW Micro Wind Farm for Low Wind Speed MachinesW. Roynarin
2552Submerged Membrane System with Biofilter as a Treatment to RainwaterN. Areerachakul; M. Kitiphatmontree; J. Kandasamy; B. Kus; C. Duangduen; S. Pivsa-Art; S. Vigneswaran
2014Success Factors of IT Outsourcing in ThailandSupaporn Kupimai
2013Sundanese as a compulsory subject at school for the formation of identity and character to youthBakhrul Ulum, Saefihim and Milatul Ulfa
2008Sunflower leaves tissue-based bioelectrode with amperometric flow-injection system for glycolic acid determination in urineLiawrungrath, S.; Purachat, P.; Oungpipat, W.; Dongduen, C.
2005Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous, nanorods, nanowires metal oxidesPavasupree, S; Suzuki, Y; Pivsa-Art, S; Yoshikawa, S
2011-05-25-28Synthesis and Characterization of Nitrogen-doped TiO2 Nanomaterials for Photocatalytic Activities under Visible LightS. Chainarong; L. Sikong; S. Niyomwas; S. Pavasupree
2003Synthesis and Characterization of Pi-Conjugated Monomers for Coordination PolymersSommai Pivsa-Art
2006Synthesis and dye-sensitized solar cell performance of nanorods/nanoparticles TiO2 from high surface area nanosheet TiO2Pavasupree, Sorapong; Ngamsinlapasathian, Supachai; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2007Synthesis and photocatalytic activity for water-splitting reaction of nanocrystalline mesoporous titania prepared by hydrothermal methodJitputti, Jaturong; Pavasupree, Sorapong; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2011Synthesis of mesoporous-assembled TiO(2) nanocrystals by a modified urea-aided sol-gel process and their outstanding photocatalytic H(2) production activitySakulkhaemaruethai, Singto; Sreethawong, Thammanoon
2003-07Synthesis of thermally stable micro spherical chi-alumina by thermal decomposition of aluminum isopropoxide in mineral oilMekasuwandumrong, O; Silveston, PL; Praserthdam, P; Inoue, M; Pavarajarn, V; Tanakulrungsank, W
2008-01Synthesis of TiO(2) nanotubes and its photocatalytic activity for H(2) evolutionJitputti, Jaturong; Pavasupree, Sorapong; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2011Synthesis of Titanate Nanotubes from Thai Leucoxene MineralD. Aphairaj; T. Wirunmongkol; S. Pavasupree; P. Limsuwan
2006Synthesis, characterization, photocatalytic activity and dye-sensitized solar cell performance of nanorods/nanoparticles TiO2 with mesoporous structurePavasupree, Sorapong; Ngamsinlapasathian, Supachai; Nakajima, Masafumi; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2003System Design and Siimulation of a HIPERLAN/2 Receiver Frout-EndC. Noisuwan; V. Pirajnanchai; J. Nakasuwan
2009-02System performance of a three-phase PV-grid-connected system installed in Thailand: Data monitored analysisBoonmee, Chaiyant; Plangklang, Boonyang; Watjanatepin, Napat
2005-03t-buckling of an elastic column with various rotational end restraintsPhungpaingam, B; Chucheepsakul, S
2012Tailored jacket Pattern for Particular Shape WomenBenchawan Bungtong; Srikanjana Jatuphatwarodom; Suthusanee Punyopat; Sakorn Cholsakorn; Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit