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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A job recruitment system using semantic web technologyP. Niaphruek
2014-02-11Jump-diffusion with stochastic volatility and intensityMontakan thongpan, Sarun Wongwai and Nonthiya Makate
2012Key factors influencing capital structure decision and capital structure dynamics evidence from listed companies in setSupa Tongkong
2014Large Deflections of Cantilever Beam Obeying Generalized Ludwick’s Material Model Subjected to Follower Distributed LoadSokheng Touch
2002A Low Cost Approach To Design The Tesla Transformer For Testing Of Insulating MaterialsK. Nakaviwat; S. Kumpiranont; P. Apiratikul
2011Low temperature degradation and characterization of natural rubberChaikumpollert, Oraphin; Sae-Heng, Kewwarin; Wakisaka, Osamu; Mase, Akio; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Kawahara, Seiichi
2009-01-10Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of monodispersed flower-like titanate nanosheetsJitputti, Jaturong; Rattanavoravipa, Thitima; Chuangchote, Surawut; Pavasupree, Sorapong; Suzuki, Yoshikazu; Yoshikawa, Susumu
2013Luminance and chromaticity measurement with 3D object mapsTakuma Nishida , Yasuhiro Seya and Hiroyuki Shinoda
2020The Machine Game Automatic for Reading Skill Using Internet of ThingsThosporn Sangsawang
2003Maintenance process for transmission towersPrachoom Khamput
2013Makeup color combination according to facetypes of Korean womenKyoung Jin, BAEK, Young In, KIM
2022Management of English language teaching through social media application to create motivation for learningChunyue Guo
2009Managing supply chains: lessons learned and future challengesLaw, Kris M. Y.; Helo, Petri; Kanchana, Rapee; Phusavat, Kongkiti
2010Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for the Papers Submitted to Journal of Engineering, RMUTTC.Sangswasd, S.Hiranvarodomo, and A.Sonthisombat
2009Marketing Strategies of Thai Spa Operators in Bangkok MetropolitanPimpa Hirankitti; Panisa Mechinda; Suwimol Manjing
2010A matheatical computation of hydrodynamics model wite varuable coefficients in a uniform reservoir by using the lax-wendroff methodSornsri, Chunya
2013Mathematical Model and Experiment of Temperature Effect on Discharge of Lead-Acid Battery for PV Systems in Tropical AreaBy Boonyang Plangklang; Pnrncfiai Pornharuthai
2013Mathematical Modeling of an Absorption Chiller System Energized by a Hybrid Thennal System: Model ValidationBoonrit Prasartkaew
2009Matlab/Simulink Based on αβ Modeling of Self-Excited Induction GeneratorY. Kumsuwan, W. Srirattanawichaikul and S. Premrudeepreechacharn
2013Meaningful Position Of An Object In A Space To Construct A Recognized Visual Space Of Illumination RVSIMitsuo Ikeda and Chanprapha Phungsuwan