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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Rate Limiting Mechanism For Mass Transfer Of Pineapple Juice Extraction In The Reversing Continuous Countercurrent ExtractorWaigoon Rittirut; Chairat Siripatana
2013The relation between weight and mean diameter of bamboo shootSupachoke Saengswarng
2013Relationship between color appearance mode and color appearance shiftPloogkasem Chootragoon, Pichayada Katemake and Mitsuo Ikeda
2013The Relationship between Human Resources Practices, Satisfaction Factor and Organization Commitment in Autonomous UniversitiesMadaoh Sulong
2011The Relationship Between IT Investment and Firm Performance with The Context of The “Sufficiency Economy” PhilosophyNatnarong Jaturat
2013The relationship between market orientation and business performance through innovation in auto parts and accessoriesSudaporn Kuntonbutr
2013The relationships among job demands, work engagement, and turnover intentions in the context of different levels of perceived organizational supportThanawatdech Thirapatsakun
2013The Relationships among Perceived Employer Branding, Employee Engagement, and Discretionary Effort in the Petroleum IndustryPiyachat Burawat
2010The Relative Impact Of Competitiveness Factors and Destination Equity On Tourist’s Loyalty In Koh Chang, ThailandMechinda, Panisa; Serirat, Sirivan; Popijit, Nongluck; Lertwannawit, Aurathai
2008Removal of proteins from natural rubber with urea and its application to continuous processesYamamoto, Yoshimasa; Nghia, Phan Trung; Klinklai, Warunee; Saito, Takayuki; Kawahara, Seiichi
2013Research on the impact of light source spectrum on color visionWei Ye, Tianrong You and Qianxia Zhu
2017A resource-based view approach on mediating effect of logistics integration capabilities on firm performance: an empirical study on the food processing industry in ThailandNarongchai Kitrangsikul
2564The Role of New-Genre Leadership, Good Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Leader-Member Exchange on Project SuccessThadsuang Boonyathikarn
2002A Role of the National PV Center for Dissemination of PV Development in ThailandSomchai Hiranvarodom
2009-12Schwinger Method and Path Integral with Generalized Canonical Transformation for a Harmonic Oscillator with Time-Dependent Mass and FrequencyPepore, Surarit; Sukbot, Bodinchat
2005-08-28Self-assembled carbon nanotubes in a microtrap for chemical sensing and chromatographySaridara, C; Brukh, R; Iqbal, Z; Mitra, S
2010Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes via Ethanol Chemical Vapor Deposition for the Synthesis of Gas ChromatographyHussain, Chaudhery Mustansar; Saridara, Chutarat; Mitra, Somenath
2010A Shrinking Projection Method for Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems, Variational Inclusion Problems and a Finite Family of Quasi-Nonexpansive MappingsKumam, Wiyada; Jaiboon, Chaichana; Kumam, Poom; Singta, Akarate
2014Similarity solution for MHD plane free jet as boundary layerAnuj Kumar Jhankal, Manoj Kumar
2013Simple Hydrothennal Preparation of Zinc Oxide Powders Using Thai Autoclave UnitThanakom Wirunmongkol; Narongchai O-Charoen