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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-12Schwinger Method and Path Integral with Generalized Canonical Transformation for a Harmonic Oscillator with Time-Dependent Mass and FrequencyPepore, Surarit; Sukbot, Bodinchat
2005-08-28Self-assembled carbon nanotubes in a microtrap for chemical sensing and chromatographySaridara, C; Brukh, R; Iqbal, Z; Mitra, S
2010Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes via Ethanol Chemical Vapor Deposition for the Synthesis of Gas ChromatographyHussain, Chaudhery Mustansar; Saridara, Chutarat; Mitra, Somenath
2010A Shrinking Projection Method for Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems, Variational Inclusion Problems and a Finite Family of Quasi-Nonexpansive MappingsKumam, Wiyada; Jaiboon, Chaichana; Kumam, Poom; Singta, Akarate
2014Similarity solution for MHD plane free jet as boundary layerAnuj Kumar Jhankal, Manoj Kumar
2013Simple Hydrothennal Preparation of Zinc Oxide Powders Using Thai Autoclave UnitThanakom Wirunmongkol; Narongchai O-Charoen
2011-05-25-28Simple Hydrothermal Preparation and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Efficiency of Nanotubes-Nanoparticles from Thai Leucoexene MineralT. Wirunmongkol; P. Charoenrat; N. Tonanon; S. Niyomwas; S. Pavasupree
2013Simple hydrothermal preparation of nanofibers from a natural ilmenite mineralAthapon Simpraditpana; Thanakorn Wirunmongkol; Wisanu Pecharapa
2009Simple Preparation of High Specific Surface Area Nanostructured TiO(subscript 2) for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells and H(subscript 2) Production from Water Splitting Reaction (RMUTT & Kyoto University Cooperative Works)Sorapong Pavasupree; Jaturong Jitputti; Natee Srisawat; Sommai Pivsa-Art; Pattamon Masom; Montienchai Klanboobpha; Amnuay Larpkasemsuk; Navadol Laosiripojana; Singto Sakulkhaemaruethai; Supachai Ngamsinlapasathian; Kinji Onoda; Yoshikazu Suzuki; Susumu Yoshikawa
2009-09-15Simple sequential injection analysis system for rapid determination of microalbuminuriaLaiwattanapaisal, Wanida; Kunanuvat, Usakorn; Intharachuti, Wichabhorn; Chinvongamorn, Chakorn; Hannongbua, Supot; Chailapakul, Orawon
2012Small Simple Quasi-injective ModulesApichart Sa-nguannam
2010A Smart Mobile PV-Wind Hybrid System Prototype for isolated electrificationKrisada Phrompinit; Boonyang Plangklang; Krischonme Bhumkittipich; Somchai Hiranvarodom
2011State of The Art of Biomass Gasification Power Plants in ThailandN. Assanee; C. Boonwan
2013Statistical methods for functional metagenomicanalysis Based on next generation sequencing dataAn, Lingling; Naruekamol Pookhao
2011Strategic Economic Assessment Of The Tourism Promotion Program In The Eastern Region Of ThailandNichakorn Tantivanichanon
2015Strategic IT alignment and organization performance: A resource-based viewRachadaporn Pinrattananont
2003Strategic Management for Photovoltaic Power System and Development in Developing CountriesSomchai Hiranvarodom
2011-05-25-28Studies on Compatibility of Polymer Blends between Poly (trimethylene terephthalate) and Polyamide 4 Prepared by Melt Blend TechniqueP. Sirisangsawang; S. Pivsa-art
2554Studies on Defect Detection and Thermal Influence in SiC Substrates Using an IR Thermal Imaging CameraPassapong Wutimakun; Kaman Chaivanich; Theerachol Mahawan; Thongkam Chumpol; Winat Intarasuwan; Chumpol Buteprongjit
2017A study of 5 kW wind turbine performance in a wind flow obstruction building using the CFD techniqueKrittapas Kongkapisuth