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Title: Factors Affecting Sustainable Supply Chain in China’s Logistics Industry
Authors: He Jifang
Keywords: sustainable supply chain
logistics industry
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Rajamangala University Of Technology Thanyaburi. Faculty Of Business Administration. General Management.
Abstract: ABSTRACT The objective of this research was to examine the variables that impact the sustainability of the supply chain within the highly competitive logistics industry of China. The objective of this investigation was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effects of economic conditions, regulatory policies, market competition, technological advancements, and consumer preferences on the sustained prosperity of supply chains within the logistics industry in China. The research methodology encompasses the systematic gathering and examination of data to effectively address the research question at hand. The present research utilized a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to examine the determinants that impact the sustainability of supply chains within the logistics segment of China. The results were communicated through a research report. Qualitative research is a methodology that entails the collection and analysis of data from diverse sources, including interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups, to interpret the information obtained. The study employed a quantitative research approach, utilizing both descriptive and inferential statistical techniques, including t-tests and regression analysis, to examine the data gathered from various sources within the logistics sector. The results obtained from a sample size of 400 participants employed in China's logistics sector indicated a correlation between the economic environment, government restrictions, increasing competition, technological advancements, changes in customer demand, the current COVID-19 pandemic, the measures taken by the Chinese government to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the quality of the logistics infrastructure had a significant impact on the sustainability of supply chains within China's logistics sector. Finally, this study underscores the importance of gaining a more profound comprehension of the intricate elements that impact the sustainable management of supply chains within the logistics sector of China. Through the incorporation of various variables and an examination of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this study has yielded significant insights into the obstacles and prospects confronting logistics enterprises in their pursuit of sustainable supply chains within China's logistics industry.
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