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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Key factors influencing capital structure decision and capital structure dynamics evidence from listed companies in setSupa Tongkong
2012The Determinants Of Sticky Cost Behavior On Political Costs, Agency Costs, And Corporate Governance PerspectivesNuchjaree Pichetkun
2012The impact of transformational and transactional leadership and subordinates'job satisfaction, organizational commitment on team effectivenessNatepanna Yavirach
20122-{[(2-hydroxy-3,5-dimethylbenzyl)-(methyl)amino]methyl}-4,6-dimethyl-phenolChatchai Veranitisagul; Woawat Wattanathana; Attaphon Kaewvilai; Tanwawan Duangthongyou; Nattamon Koonsaeng; Apirat LaoButhee
2012Use of Trichoderma reesei RT-Pl crude enzyme powder for ethanol fermentation of sweet sorghum fresh stalksPongsri Siwarasak; Pradatrat Pajantagate; Kanoktip Prasertlertrat
2012Electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells derived from metal complexes: Gadolinia-doped ceriaChatchai Veranitisagul; Attaphon Kaewvilai; Worawat Wattanathana; Nattamon Koonsaeng; Enrico Traversa; Apirat Laobuthee
2012Effects of Storage Temperature on Physical and Chemical Properties of Brown Rice, Parboiled Brown Rice and Parboiled PaddyS. Parnsakhorn; A. Noomhorm
2012Preparation of gadolinia doped ceria via metal complex decomposition method: Its application as catalyst for the steam reforming of ethaneChatchai Veranitisagul; Nattamon Koonsaeng; Nevadol Laosiripojana; Apirat Laobuthee
20124 Phase Interleaved DC Boost Converter for PEMFC ApplicationsW. Subsingha; P. Sarakarn
2012Novel Method to Control Temperature on Aluminum Side Using Customized Proportional Controller Based on Disturbance ObserverSarayut Yaemprayoon; Chowaril Milsuntisuk; Kiyoshi Ohishi; Jakkree Srinoncha