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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Fabrication and Utilization of Titania Nanofibers from Natural Leucoxene Mineral in Photovoltaic ApplicationsSorapong Pavasupree; Navadol Laosiripojana; Surawut Chuangchote; Takashi Sagawa
2011Fabrication and Utilization of Titania Nanofibers from Natural Leucoxene Mineral in Photovoltaic ApplicationsPavasupree, Sorapong; Laosiripojana, Navadol; Chuangchote, Surawut; Sagawa, Takashi
2013Facade color of shop-houses in historic city in AsiaShino Okuda
2003Factors affecting laboratory testing of geotextilesJ. Maneecharoen
2023Factors Affecting Sustainable Supply Chain in China’s Logistics IndustryHe Jifang
2562Factors Affecting Thai Consumer Intention in Online ShoppingYilin Zhang
2014Factors Affecting the Use of Web-based Learning for Universities in ThailandRungsan Suwannahong
2016Factors influencing the use of knowledge management systems: a case study of the manufacturing sector and service sector in ThailandKanyarat Kamprom
2021Factors Influencing Voluntary Disclosures and Their Impacts on Stock Returns: Evidence from the Banking Industry in ThailandNathaporn Gunnarapong
2014Factors related to dividend policy of Thai listed firmsThanwarat Suwanna
2013Field testing of stiffened deep cement mixing piles under lateral cyclic loadingWerasak Raongjant; Meng Jing
2011-11Filler effect and pozzolanic reaction of ground palm oil fuel ashJaturapitakkul, Chai; Tangpagasit, Jatuphon; Songmue, Sawang; Kiattikomol, Kraiwood
2011Filler effect of fine particle sand on the compressive strength of mortarJaturapitakkul, Chai; Tangpagasit, Jatuphon; Songmue, Sawang; Kiattikomol, Kraiwood
2009-02-04Final state interaction observed in M(2,3)VV Auger profile of Cu(110)Nakajima, H.; Buddhakala, M.; Chumpolkulwong, S.; Songsiriritthigul, P.; Kakizaki, A.
2011-12Finite-Element Modeling of Soft Tissue Rolling IndentationSangpradit, Kiattisak; Liu, Hongbin; Dasgupta, Prokar; Althoefer, Kaspar; Seneviratne, Lakmal D.
2003-01-02Flow injection spectrophotometric determination of europium using chlortetracyclineLiawruangrath, S; Sakulkhaemaruethai, S
2011Forecasting power output of PV grid connected system in Thailand without using solar radiation measurementCharnon Chupong; Boonyang Plangklang
2011Forecasting Power output of PV Grid Connected System in Thailand without using Solar Radiation MeasurementC. Chupong; B. Plangklang
2005Fracturre toughness evaluation of adjacent flow weld line by SENB methodKohji Yamada; Kiyotaka Tomari; Toshihiko Harada; Hiroyuki Hamada