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dc.contributor.authorSomchai Kladsuk
dc.contributor.authorPanmanas Sirisomboon
dc.description.abstractThis research was to evaluate the hardness characteristic of cooked rice samples in rice industry. Milled rice samples were collected at a raw material purchasing station of the factory, behind a colour sorter station and under a storage bin station. The cooked rice samples were subjected to a texture analyzer using back extrusion test. Determined parameters, hardness and toughness, were compared among different types of milled rice and sampling positions. These parameters could be further applied to the rice factory and are valuable information for rice exporters, agricultural engineers and rice researchers.en_US
dc.subjectCooked riceen_US
dc.subjectMilled riceen_US
dc.titleDetermination of hardness characteristic of cooked rice samples in rice industryen_US
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